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18-year-old lady reportedly attacks father over s3x toy



An 18-year-old woman, Victoria Marson, has been arrested after she reportedly attacked her father over a sex toy.

Marson, from Florida, is said to have ordered a strap-on toy from Amazon and her father opened up the package.

On seeing the content of the package, Marson’s father confronted his daughter as he was surprised by what was inside, according to the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office.

The father said his daughter became angry and started to kick him and punch him several times. She was then arrested on assault charges and released on bail.

The arrest report stated that Marson said to her father, “I’m going to kill you. I hate you.”

In other news, an American woman, simply identified as Brittany, has been hospitalized after getting an 8-inch long vibrator stuck in her butthole while masturbating.

According to Britanny who admitted to being addicted to masturbation while being single for three years, she loved trying out new sex toys.

Speaking on the documentary “Stuck”, Brittany said she bought the vibrator and inserted it into her bum but it got stuck in there and she could feel it ‘vibrating’ in her back.

“I ordered a vibrator, like a bumpy butt-stick. It was like blue and it had three balls and a little bitty vibrator on it,” she said while describing the vibrator.

After it got stuck, she had no choice but to call 911 and was referred to a surgeon, Dr George Crawford, who was stunned by her case.

He then used a pair of thin metal tongs to pull out the vibrator from Brittany’s anus.

Dr. Crawford said: “When you think about it, the rectum is designed to keep poop off the floor. If you put something far enough up, it will suck it right up.”

He added that she was lucky that the vibrator didn’t go through her rectal wall because it would have poked a hole in her rectum, causing poop to leak into her abdomen.

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Man left in intensive care after suffering rare lung injury from masturbating




A 20-year-old man was hospitalised after a freak accident while masturbating. 

The Swiss patient, who has not been named, suffered a rare lung injury normally caused by rigorous exercise or violent coughing fits. He spent a night in ICU and a further three days in hospital as doctors tried to relieve pain caused by trapped air.

The man went to A&E after suffering sudden chest pain and breathlessness while pleasuring himself in bed. By the time he arrived his face had swollen and crunching noises could be heard from his neck down to his arms. 

Doctors diagnosed him with ‘spontaneous’ pneumomediastinum (SPM), which sees air leak from the lung and become lodged in the ribcage. The case was revealed in the journal Radiology Case Reports. 

They are not sure how the injury occurred but noted that it is most common in young men.

In his case, the trapped air had spread around his body and even up to his skull. In more extreme cases, it can cause a collapsed lung. 

A handful of cases have been reported during sex but not during masturbation.

Medics who treated the patient at the Cantonal Hospital in Winterthur said his case was ‘unusual’.

The patient turned up at hospital with ‘severe’ shortness of breath, where he told doctors it started with a sharp chest pain while masturbating.

His medical history revealed he had mild, untreated asthma and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  

An X-ray showed he had ‘profound’ amounts of trapped air in his mediastinum, the space in the chest between the lung sacs, known medically as pneumomediastinum.

Escaped air had also travelled to other parts of his body, ‘reaching up until the base of the skull’.  

Doctors noted that his face had swollen and cracking sounds could be heard when they pressed their fingers on his neck, chest and arms. 

The patient denied using drugs or smoking and said he had not been suffering from a cough or doing strenuous exercise, which made his case ‘spontaneous’.

He was moved to ICU where he was given oxygen support, paracetamol and antibiotic treatment to lower his risk of an infection.

When his condition improved overnight he was moved to a general ward and his chest pain remained for three more days.

He was discharged on the fourth day and his condition was deemed ‘uncomplicated’.

Writing in the report, the medics said: ‘Predisposing factors are history of smoking, acute asthma and recreational drug use (especially cocaine and heroin).

‘Except for history of mild, non-acute asthma no inciting factors were noticed in our patient. 

‘There are only a few reports of SPM related to sexual activity and we could not find any cases associated with autoeroticism, which makes our case unusual.’  

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Image: Former Inter Milan player wants to leave Chelsea for club again



Chelsea have a bit of a situation on their hands in the striking department if the latest news from Italy is said to be true.

Romelu Lukaku is having a terrible time of it right now at Chelsea and this has led to further rumours of him wanting to leave the club as soon as he can, which of course would be this summer.

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And according to Gazzetta dello Sport, he is willing to take a pay cut to do so.

In fact, as seen below, he wants to return to his former club Inter Milan.

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Khabib threatens Francis Ngannou about a possible fight with Tyson Fury



The rumoured match would capture the world’s attention but Khabib doubts anyone can match the current heavyweight champion

Former UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov has warned current star Francis Ngannou that nobody is capable of touching Tyson Fury, as rumours persist over a crossover match between the two combat sport icons.

Fury retained his heavyweight crown in boxing with victory over Deontay Wilder last year and is set to defend his title against Dillian Whyte.

But Khabib doesn’t consider that Fury has any contender even close to his level at this point, with Ukrainian challenger and IBF, WBO and IBO heavyweight title-holder Oleksandr Usyk the only one who might be capable of giving the Gypsy King a run for his money.

Usyk will face a rematch against Anthony Joshua though, after the four involved parties failed to agree a step-aside deal last month to see Fury and Usyk clash in a unification fight. After that, anything could yet occur – including the potential mixed-arts encounter involving Ngannou.

Nermagomedov, though, doesn’t see much of a contest unless it’s not a boxing fight.

“[Fury] is the best right now. I don’t know, I think Fury is on a different level, in boxing. If they fight in the MMA of course, Ngannou has a chance now – we can see from his last fight,” he told Sky Sports.

“If they fight in the UFC yeah, Fury doesn’t have too many chances. But in boxing, I don’t see anyone even touching his face – maybe Oleksandr Usyk. Usyk is going to be a tough challenge for Fury.”

Speaking further in his new role as a promoter, Khabib urged fighters to really consider what was the most important aspect to them before making career decisions.

Ngannou has been locked in a war of words with Dana White over pay and conditions, so far opting against renewing his contract with UFC. While in the short-term that has been financially costly, there is the lure of a lucrative deal from the boxing world if Ngannou does eventually turn his back on his current paymasters.

Either way, though, Khabib urges all fighters to honour the deals they do choose to sign, and to make sure beforehand it’s the right contract for them.

“Ngannou? I think he has to stay with the UFC. But if he goes to boxing and he’s making 50 or 60 million dollars – he has to. Why not? I know Ngannou comes from a very, very poor life in Africa. He was with no money, no home, nothing. So if someone pays you more money then go and take [it].

“If you want to make history, become the greatest heavyweight of all time then you have to stay in UFC.

“If you sign a deal, like a five-fight deal or a 10-fight deal or a six-fight deal, you have to complete your contract. I’m a religious guy so if you have a deal, you have to follow through with it.”

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